Friday, October 24, 2008

Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Living Area with Ceiling Fan
Living Area with Ceiling Fan

Here in Texas it is WAY too hot in the summertime not to have ceiling fans in every room. I know the designers on Trading Spaces don't like them, but I'm not planning on doing without. :)

Now that the ceiling fans are finally still, I can't believe how dirty they are! It's really odd how dirty they can get while moving so fast. I spent a good part of the day today standing on chairs and cleaning them.

I like to vacuum the edges of the blades where the most dust accumulates with the brush tool on my vacuum cleaner first. This helps keep it from landing in the carpet or on the furniture. Then I spray cleaner on one blade at a time and wipe down with a soft cloth. It's also a good idea to wash the globes on the light fixture part too while you're at it.

I know I should be cleaning light fixtures and fans way more often than I do, but at least I'm getting to them finally. :)


Caroline said...

This is one chore that I do not like to do. We have high ceilings and it requires me to climb on a ladder to reach the ceiling fan. I am not a big fan of heights. But onward I climb to get rid of the dirt and grime! I feel so much better once they are clean and shiny.

I don't mind cleaning the bedroom fans at all I can reach them by standing on the bed- very brave of me I know lol.

Anonymous said...

Once our fans come on in February, they don't get turned off until November and by that time, they are dirty!

Anonymous said...

We have 2 ceiling fans at our home. Can not live with out them. Your post reminds me I need to clean our fans.

Tracy said...

Texas? Why did I think that you lived in Tennessee?

Dawn said...

We moved in our home sweet home in July and it has 3 ceiling fans. Haven't even bothered to see if they need a good cleaning or not. Guess I just don't take notice of those things. Suppose I will add it to my ever growing to do list. :)

Have a safe and blessed weekend!

Terri said...

That seems to be one of those chores that doesn't happen very often. It's a good thing we don't have any ceiling fans in our new house! ;-)

Marytoo said...

It was funny to read this, because we have started turning off our ceiling fans now and then. Yesterday dd was sitting on the couch looking up and commented on how dirty the fan was! Dh said, "No wonder mom keeps them running all the time." ;-)
P.S. terri, it is never a good thing not to have ceiling fans! They are worth whatever it takes to clean them. Especially here in Texas!

Mrs. Homemaker said...

Ha ha! I looked up at our fan after reading your post. Mine are dirty too! Thanks a lot, now I have to clean them.... Wait! My husband is 6 feet tall. He can do it! :-)

Mrs. U said...

"I can't believe how dirty they are! It's really odd how dirty they can get while moving so fast."

Teehee!! I was laughing out loud at this comment! I am in COMPLETE agreement with you!! Ours get very dirty around here, so I clean them often. No fun, but necessary. How embarrassing it would be for a hunk of lint to fly off into a guests lap! HAHA!

Mrs. U

Marytoo said...

50s Housewife, you seem to have hit a nerve here!

It has cooled off enough here, finally, that we don't have the ceiling fan on all the time. This afternoon my two daughters were here and we were all sitting in the living room when talk turned to the filthy ceiling fan. #2 daughter jumped up, climbed up on a stool, and took the blades off! She took them in the kitchen and cleaned them up till they shine, and then she put them back. While she was at it she took the light diffuser off and washed it, too! Good deal for me, huh?