Friday, October 3, 2008

House Hunting

Daylilies by Dan Campanelli

The ranch has gotten to be more than my parents want to tackle, so in about a month they are going to be moving closer to town. They still want to have a couple of acres for the horses, but no more "middle of nowhere, dirt road" living.

I went house hunting with Mom yesterday and we had such a good time! I would love to tag along with a realtor for a couple of days just so I could see all the houses. One in particular that we looked at yesterday I just fell in love with. Her style reminded me of Ruthann's. She wasn't there of course when we looked at the house, but I wanted to ask the realtor to give her my phone number and see if she would be my friend. :) Her house was just so warm and cute that she must be the same. I want to know the names of all her paint colors and where she bought everything and did she put up the bead board in the bathroom herself, and...

I'm inspired to take a fresh look at my house and see what I can do on my (extremely) limited budget.


More than Survival said...

I'm with you... I would LOVE to tag along with a Realtor just to see the houses. Maybe when all the kids are grown I would enjoy being a Realtor..... anyway, have fun house hunting... enjoy the process and don't let it stress anyone out. Now is a good time to be in the market for a house.

Anonymous said...

Where we live in Texas, we have not seen the real estate market go down. In the Midland/Odessa area, the housing prices are skyrocketing because of the oil industry. People are moving there like crazy because the jobs are abundant and the pay is great. The apartments are full and people are building new properties. When I hear about the economy being so bad, I just don't see it. It isn't that way here.

Dawn said...

House hunting can be lots of fun...and also can have your mama pulling her hair out. :-)

I hope she finds a new home sweet home soon.

Housing is fairly cheap in Texas. My husband and I bought a townhouse here. Originally it was $49,900. We talked the seller into knocking it down. So he did, to $46,000.
The weird thing is, everyone in the neighborhood seems to be moving away because they can't afford it.

Well I hope you have a blessed Sunday dear one!