Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Odds and Ends

What is it about having everyone home that makes it almost impossible to blog (or even hear myself think)? Don't expect anything earth shattering in today's post.  Just little bits of this and that.

We've had a wonderful Christmas (aside from oldest son Greg not being able to be here). We had a great (and very crowded) Christmas Eve service at church and then had supper with Mike's parents.  Later that night we drove around town looking at lights.  One house even had a display similar to this one. We parked in front of that one for about 10 minutes. We enjoyed it so much, but it made me wonder what their neighbors think about it - all those lights flashing and cars parked along the street would have to be annoying.

The kids let us sleep in until after 7:00 on Christmas morning, which is a sure sign that they're nearly grown. It's a little sad, but I don't mind the extra sleep. I made a pecan coffee cake for breakfast that was delicious and simple to make. I'll try and remember to share the recipe with you soon. That evening we had supper with my parents and overate yet again. My mom had a variety of Christmas goodies that were delicious and I took a cheese ball which we devoured in about 20 minutes (another recipe I'll have to share sometime).

We might head out today for the kids to spend their gift cards.  Hopefully the stores aren't quite as busy as they were the day after Christmas.  I also need to replenish the grocery supply around here.  I got an Amazon gift card and I ordered a Kindle.  I can't wait for it to get here!  I already have lots of Kindle books on my computer that I haven't found the time to read.  For some reason I just never really like reading them on the computer.

I finally returned to my workout schedule this morning in an attempt to counteract all the sugar I've consumed in the last week. I ate way too much fudge, but it's so irresistible.  Good thing I only make it once a year.  I should probably put myself on some sort of sugar fast, but I seriously doubt that I would actually follow it if I did.

I'm trying to decide if I want to start taking down the Christmas decorations today, or if I want to wait.  Some of my acebook friends had their Christmas decorations all put away the day after Christmas.  I never do it that early because it seems like I don't really have time to enjoy the decorations until the day after.  Hubs and I are taking a short trip for New Year's (alone!!), and I know I want it done before that.  I would hate to come home to lots of work (aside from all the laundry that comes with taking a trip).  And speaking of New Year's... How is it that it's already almost 2011??  That seems impossible!

So there's my boring and overly wordy account of our Christmas celebrations.  I know you were on the edge of your seat.  :) How was your Christmas? 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Christmas Eve Eve!

It's the eve of Christmas Eve, or as my witty daughter Marcia says, "Christmas Adam." She's a funny thing, isn't she?

It's a cold and gray morning here, and I've been up since before the sun. Not that the sun is making much of an appearance today. As I might have mentioned once or a dozen times, I'm planning on starting a new job in the fall, and I'm in the midst of updating my resume. I've been laying awake trying to make sure that I come across as hardworking and focused rather than indecisive and whacko.

But who wants to spend Christmas Adam thinking about that? I'm already wearing my favorite baking outfit, so I might as well get up and make breakfast.

As any retro homemaker knows, muffins make mornings bright and cheerful.

While they're baking I plug in my kitchen Christmas tree and listen to Swingin' Christmas on Pandora.
Yes, I have a tree in the breakfast area of my kitchen. I have a bay window that faces the street and one year I just decided to put a tree there. I enjoyed it so much I've done it every year since. It's mostly decorated with the ornaments that we have bought for the kids or that they have made over the years.  Notice the cute Diet Coke ornament near the top that my future daughter-in-law bought for me this year. Does she know me or what? :)  I love it!

I've mixed up some spiced tea for the neighbors and I'm going to send the kids around to deliver the packages this afternoon.

It's so nice to have time to putter around the kitchen and visit with all of you. Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas Adam, Eve, and Christmas Day!

Much love,

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I still have some last minute shopping, wrapping, and mailing to do, but overall Christmas preparations are moving along smoothly. I've managed to do a fairly good job of kicking my inner Scrooge to the curb and not worrying about it despite having a very busy month. Listening to Christmas music and reading a chapter in Luke every night (24 chapters in Luke = December 1st through 24th) helps me keep the grumpy away and puts a smile on my heart.

I got my Christmas cards mailed out early this year. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards! It's so nice to get something in the mail other than bills or advertisements.
We pray for each family that sends us a card.

Here are a few more pictures from around the house.

I hope that your advent season is full of joy!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Ann Kroeker shared this video on her blog yesterday. She and her husband used it as part of their "adventing" (love that term).

Maybe I'm a little hormonal, but it made me cry when the girl on the cell phone stood up and started to sing. I also love the part at the end where they raise their arms. Can you imagine what it must have been like to see it in person?