Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Sure Sign of Fall

It must be Fall because I've taken up knitting again. It's just too hot in the summer, but I love to knit when the weather gets cool. Isn't that the prettiest brown wool yarn?

I've decided that I'm a "process knitter". It's all about the process rather than the outcome for me. Knitting is soothing and enjoyable and hey, whadaya know? You get something useful out of it in the end! :) Maybe that's why I've never really had the desire to knit anything complicated with lots of counting. I felt sort of bad about that for a while, but I've decided that's OK to enjoy something without ever really mastering it.


Anonymous said...

That is how I feel about my banjo. I learned enough to impress my family and friends, but I'm not ready to join a Bluegrass band. I can sit down with a fiddle player and a guitar player and have a great time playing through all the classics, everyone is impressed, and then I'm done. :-)

Angie said...

I have never been able to knit. I've been taught a couple of times and just can't get it. I've always been able to crochet... but I'm not a knitter :(

Mrs. Homemaker said...

I love deep chocolate browns. Such a welcoming color, it just wraps you up in comfort. That yarn looks really soft too, is this a scarf?

Anonymous said...

I only knit dishcloths - for the same reason. The process is soothing and I don't need to think!

Mama Martin