Friday, January 25, 2008

Walgreen's and CVS

I'm really excited about all the free makeup this week! Walgreen's has Jane cosmetics buy one get one free. I had a $2 coupon and found another $2 coupon at Money Saving Mom. I got eyeliner and lip gloss, both priced at$3.99 so with the buy one get one and the coupons, they were both free. I also had Walgreen's register reward coupons for the mascara so they were free too. I think I'm good on mascara for the next year and a half! :) The Benefiber was on sale for $4.99 and I had a $3 Walgreen's coupon from their Easy Saver catalogue and a $2 manufacturer coupon so it was free too. The Excedrin was on clearance for $2.87 and I had a $3 manufacturer's coupon...another freebie. The Walgreen's tissues together with the tissues and hand sanitizer I bought last week will earn a $10 mail in rebate. I'll get it on my Walgreen's gift card to get an extra 10%. The pencils were 6 for $1 and I got them so that I wouldn't have more items than coupons. I spent a total of $2.87 (I think , I know it was less than $3).

I usually shop at the Walgreen's closest to my house, but I decided to stop by the one close to church Wednesday night. A manager checked me out and I was hoping he wouldn't give me a hard time about my coupons. He was VERY nice and said he couldn't believe what good deals I was getting. Maybe it's worth it to schedule my Walgreen's visit on church days.

I've had a few people ask me about how much I keep in my medicine cabinet and wonder if I use everything. Most of the things I buy we DO use. When I have extras I pass them on to my mom or mother-in-law. For example, we don't really use indigestion remedies, but if I can get them for free I'll go ahead and just pass them on. Both my parents and in-laws use Mylanta and Tums. I also was told by our pediatrician that pain relievers and other pill type over the counter medicines are good for at least a year past their expiration date. I've never put this to the test, but it makes me worry less about everything expiring before we can use it. Most of what I've bought this year since I started CVS and Walgreen's shopping doesn't expire until 2009. Plus, when I started this in October I had one bandaid and some Calamine lotion in my medicine cabinet and that's about it. :) I feel so much better knowing that when we need it, it's there.

I did my CVS shopping in 2 transactions. I had $3 in ECBs, so the first thing I bought was the Sambucol. It was $12.99 and I had a $2 off $10 coupon, so after my my ECBs I spent $7.99 and got $10 in ECBs. I then bought the razor and deodorants using a $2 manufacturer's coupon on the razor, a $3 off $15 coupon and my $10 in ECBs. I spent $2.97 and have $14 in ECBs for next time. I'm really glad I got the Sambucol and I've already given it to the kids. Strep throat and the flu are running rampant around town and I'm hoping this will help keep them from getting sick.

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