Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm so excited to participate in my very first Menu Plan Monday with I'm an Organizing Junkie. Be sure and head over to see the TONS of menu planners sharing each week.

I generally don't plan things for specific days of the week. I just plan out a week's worth of meals and then chose what I feel like making on any given day.

This week I've only planned 6 suppers. We'll be at my brother's rehearsal dinner on Friday so I don't have to worry about supper that night. Breakfasts are usually repeated some and other than weekends, lunches are either leftovers, school lunches for the kids, or sandwiches.

oatmeal pancakes
pumpkin muffins
banana bread

chili dogs/ oven fries
Chunky tomato soup/ grilled cheese sandwiches

3 Cheese saucy penne/ orange & romaine salad
Brupper (Belgian waffles, bacon, eggs, OJ)
black bean soup/corn muffins
corn chowder/ cheese and garlic biscuits
beef and cheese calzones/ zu-squash stir fry
biscuit pizza bake/green salad


Cricket said...

Congrats on your first Menu Plan Monday! :) Sounds like a great menu lined up... :)

Leila said...

Planning your meals is the only way to go!
Thanks for commenting! I love your blog :)

Angela said...

It is SO much easier grocery shopping when you have a menu planned. My family knows that every Friday is pizza night, and that Dad makes it is even better, LOL. I found that when I started menu planning, those nights of 'what should we have for supper, let's order out' didn't happen anymore, saving us some money...

50sgal said...

These sound great and I am heading over to that blog. I know since I went back into 1955, menu planning has had to become a daily part of my life (well weekly really, or I guess it isn't planning, right?) Very interesting indeed.

Sandy said...

I'm just not a menu planner - not for a whole week. But I love reading everyone else's! :)

The Southern Housewife said...

Do you have a recipe for the calzones? We love calzones! :) Congrats on getting just a bit more organized. I'm sure it will be helpful and save time this week. :)

Gretchen said...

Welcome to MPM! I always enjoy reading your blog anyway. Your menu looks great.