Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tie Dye

In our continuing "Summer O Projects" the girls and I made tie-dye t-shirts. We bought white t-shirts on sale for half price and a neon tie-dye kit. There are all sorts of suggestions in the pamphlet that comes with the kit, but we decided to do a traditional tie-dye style. We folded the t-shirts up accordion style and tied them with rubber bands (then twine when I ran out of rubber bands).

Then we sprayed on the dye. The dye in the kit comes in handy little spray bottles so no mixing which is nice. The girls had fun deciding which color to put where.

We let them dry tied up overnight and then hung them up to finish air drying the next morning. After they were completely dry I set the dye with an iron.

They turned out really cute and the dye has survived the wash with no running or fading.  Next on the list, tie-dyed socks!

On a side note, you should have seen the smiles we got when the three of us wore our matching t-shirts, friendship bracelets, and dyed shoes.  I'm just hoping we didn't look like craft crazy clowns and people were just smiling because we looked like we'd been having fun!