Monday, July 18, 2011

Thinking Ahead

After noticing that the stores are already setting up their school supply displays, I checked my calendar and realized that school starts 6 weeks from today! That means our summer is almost over, which in turn means it's time to start thinking about back to school.  Whew!  How did that happen so fast?

Ideally, I start planning for school a month or so before it starts.  Last minute panic is no fun and makes for a stressed out family!  Here is what I hope to accomplish in the next few weeks:
  • Dental check ups and cleanings for the kids (they've already had their annual checkups with the doctor)
  • Go through their jeans and school clothes to see what still fits and make a list of what's needed.
  • Check the school website for registration dates and complete paperwork.
  • Make sure school phone numbers are in my contacts list on my phone
  • Start going to bed earlier
  • Make sure the kids finish up their summer reading
  • Take the kids for haircuts (me too, if I can find the time)
  • Declutter - this is an ongoing project around here
  • Gradually start shopping for school clothes and supplies

Have you started your back to school organizing yet?