Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten Things

I love reading lists of what people are thankful for. It always makes me appreciate those things as well. I thought it would be fun to make a list of tangible, non-living things I'm thankful for. Of course, I'm most thankful for my precious family and my wonderful friends, but this list is for non-humans. :)

So without further ado and in no particular order, here's my list!

1. Indoor plumbing - I guess I immersed myself in the Little House Books too much as a girl, because ever since I've been extremely grateful that I don't have to share a tub full of water pulled up in front of the fire with the rest of my family (one at a time of course), or make a midnight trek to the outhouse.

2. Coffee - So many delightful ways to drink it and so tasty! I love to drink it iced in the summer and hot in the winter.

3. Cell phones - You have no idea how happy I am that I can carry my phone around and not worry that I'm going to miss a call from Greg who is currently deployed. I would probably lay down and cry if he called the house and I wasn't home to get it.

4. Dishwasher - I got a new dishwasher in February after being without for ages, and I still love it so much! It makes cooking and washing dishes so much easier.

5. Pasta - Not only is it delicious but it has helped me countless times to stretch a pound of ground beef to feed a big family.

6. Uggs - I wear mine all winter long. They may not be as stylish as a cute pair of boots with heels, but oh, are they comfortable and warm!

7. Ceiling fans - You just can't spend a summer in the south without ceiling fans. Whoever invented them has my undying gratitude. They stay out of the way and make sleeping in a too warm house possible. I wish I had one in the kitchen.

8. My camera - I invested in a nice camera this year, and I have enjoyed it so much.  I still have tons to learn, but I'm already much happier with the pictures I'm taking.

9. The internet - it has made everything so much easier: research, homework, paying bills, keeping in touch with old friends, you name it.

10. The US Postal Service - yes there's lots about it that drives me crazy, but I love opening my mailbox every day. There's always the possibility of a sample, a magazine, or best of all a card or letter. Plus, I love those flat rate boxes for sending care packages. You can really get a lot packed into them.

So what are some non-human things that you are thankful for?