Monday, March 3, 2008

HBHW Menu Day 2

Tonight we had Boston Baked Beans, homemade coleslaw, mac and cheese, and homemade bread

Mike loved his lunch of meatloaf sandwiches from last night's leftovers along with carrot sticks with ranch dressing, cookies, and applesauce. I'm not very good at remembering to pack him a lunch (an area I need to improve), so he was really pleased. He didn't have to eat fast food or PB&J.

I think the kids' favorite food today was the afternoon snack of cinnamon toast made with the homemade bread. I liked that pretty well myself! :)

His lunch (and mine) tomorrow will be beanie wienies made with tonight's beans and turkey hot dogs and tomorrow's breakfast tomorrow will be french toast.

Read about Day 1 here.


mommybug29 said...

Your bread looks delicious!!
Do you share your recipe? :)

BTW..I clicked in from some other mommy site. I am just another mom looking for ideas. :) Your blog is lovely.
Have a good week!

Terri said...

The bread and the meal look scrumptious. I love the smell of homemade bread wafting through the house!


Anonymous said...

Do you plan to post the bean recipe? I'm a bit of a bean-freak!! lol

Love, Tina :)

Bettie said...

MMMM! It looks delicious! I love to bake our bread. It is a regular thing around here :)

Tracy said...

Your bread looks so good! Did you use the Hillbilly Housewife recipe?

Rebecca said...

I just started having to make my husband a very big lunch every day after 12 years of not having to pack one. After a couple of days of forgetting essentials like actual food, I started packing his lunch after dinner. The kitchen is already a mess and I don't have to re-dirty it, condiments are already out for sandwiches and stuff. It's a lot easier for me to do it then, than at 6am beofre he leaves.

Judi said...

Is your bread recipe somewhere on the site? I can't find it. I have been trying some different sourdough recipes, but haven't had satisfactory results yet. The bread tastes good, but doesn't rise as much as I think it should.

Anonymous said...

For those asking about the bread recipe...I hope I am not out of line by answering if so please forgive...but if you click on the words "homemade bread" it will take you to the Hillbilly Housewife's recipe. HTH


PS I love your blog!

50shousewife said...

mommybug29, thank you for stopping by! As Paula metnioned in the above comment(thank you Paula!) the recipes are linked to the names. Just click on them

Terri, I do too! The smell of bread cooking just makes me feel so warm and cozy.

Tina, just click on "Boston Baked Beans" and it will take you to the recipe. Let me know if you make it! Later this week I will use those beans again so stay tuned. :)

Bettie, isn't bread baking fun? It's one of my favorite things to make and I know my husband and kids will give me lots of hugs when they see it come out of the oven. :)

Tracy, yes, this is Hillbilly Housewife's overnight bread recipe. It only uses one packet of yeast for 4 loaves!

Rebecca, that's a good idea. I need to start making Mike's lunch the night before. He too leaves so early in the morning and it's hard for me to get it done then.

Judi, this bread recipe is very easy (and good). Let me know if you try it.

Paula, thanks for answering the questions before I could. You're not out of line at all! And thanks for saying you love my blog! How sweet you are. :)