Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scenes From My Garden

Our garden is small and every square inch is overflowing. For inexperienced gardeners I think we're doing pretty well. :) Maybe we can expand a little next year.

In this one picture you can see basil, jalapeƱos, and two different kinds of watermelons.

Marigolds to keep away the bugs.

Another kind of pepper (neither Mike or I can remember what kind, but they are HOT).

And one of our 4 tomato plants.


Angie said...

Seeing your green tomatoes reminds me of the green tomato jam my grandma used to make... yummy :)

Tammy said...

A friend at work gave my Hubby a baggy full of those peppers and he called them Hungarian Hot Wax. Hubby says they are hot.

My stuff is drying up due to drought...sob!!

Have a blessed day!☺

Wanita said...

Your garden looks very nice. Nothing tastes better than your own, home-grown produce.

Terri said...

It looks great!

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