Friday, December 14, 2007

Today's Apron

This is one of my favorite everyday aprons. I've been wearing it while I work on the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge. It's a yellow and white gingham with cross stitch and a cute little pocket. It's homemade and belonged to my grandmother. Maybe this apron collecting thing is genetic! ;)


Chris @ Come to the Table said...

visiting from Biblical Womanhood...I love this apron. I just bought two for my daughters for Christmas.

Daughter of the King said...

That is so cute...I try to find aprons in Thrift stores etc..and so far I am doing pretty good....
don't you just love the cross-stitch on gingham...I sure do.

Lylah said...

very cute apron...and THANKS! for your post comment on my MMM blog :-)

today...i'll begin my adventure to make 5 aprons...for my daughters and 3 granddaughter princesses! should be quite the picture taking feat and make great blog i have yet to "rev up" my new sewing maching - that i bought 2 years ago :-) blessings...lylah

JennyMay said...

Apron collecting is an obsession of mine as well. I had to stop because I have so many that there is not enough space in my drawers or on the hook in the kitchen. I LOVE that the apron you are wearing is your grandmothers....I wish I had something like that. My daughter took one of my aprons to class for a speech she was giving about Homemaking...The apron signified how much I had taught her....She will always think of me when she see's an apron. I love that!