Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Despite the Heat

Despite the fact that all I want to do is lie under the ceiling fan, eat ice cream, and spritz myself with cold water, I've actually been incredibly busy the past two weeks. Friends and family have been visiting, Bobby and Marcia have camp, and I've been helping Mom paint her fixer upper in small town, USA. There's not a chain store or traffic light in her town, but there are three churches.

I love small town churches.  I wonder what their attendance is on a Sunday morning? 15? 20?

I'm happy living in my relatively big city with it's restaurants, movie theaters, universities, and symphony, but there's something so appealing about a tiny town.

I haven't seen a gas pump like that in years.

Look what my mom has right outside her back door!

Turkeys! I can't believe how close they let me get.

More and more of these windmills are popping up nearby. I pass lots of them on the way to Mom's house. They're huge and somewhat bizarre standing in the middle of a field--lonely yet compelling.

Are you having a busy summer too? Hope you're all staying cool!