Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Decorations

We've had so much fun decorating our house for Christmas this week. I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you. I love it when the house looks so festive and smells like Christmas cookies and cinnamon potpourri.

Last night we finally had everything finished and spent a quiet evening by the fire in our snuggly PJs watching TV and enjoying the pretty lights on the tree. It was warm and cozy and such a treat. I can't think of anything I would rather be doing on a Thursday evening.


Lisa said...

that's one of my favorite things too. I love turning off all the lights, lighting some candles, and just enjoying the twinkly Christmas lights. There is just something so magical and special about it.

Anonymous said...

I made chili and beans with cornbread and built a fire. We watched Home Alone on VHS and I wound up sleeping on the couch all night. It was just so cozy! I need more firewood.

Anonymous said...

I love the cozy feeling you get this time of year.

Dawn said...

I decided to put up the tree and decorations after all. :-) I am almost done so maybe by Monday their will be pictures to share. Hopefully hubby will help with the's 7.5 ft. tall and I am short and stout and cant reach high or all the way around the tree. It'll get done though.
All my small decorations and waterglobes are done, I just have a few fiber optic things to lay out and that is that.

I too enjoy the twinkling if the lights, like someon said, it's almost magical..

Have a safe and blessed weekend!

Farrah said...

Yay! I have been working on our house this week as well.

I love the house!

christmas said...

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