Thursday, September 4, 2008

Caring for your front loading washing machine

Servis Washing Machine
Servis Washing Machine

I am LOVING my new front loading washing machine! I can put lots of clothes in it and it is SO quiet. The clothes spin so well they are nearly dry when they come out of the washer. I'm also looking forward to big savings on my water and electric bills. I can't believe that our clothes are getting clean with so little water.

I've found, however, that a front loader is much different than a top loader. It seems that it is quite common to have problems with odors. I've talked to friends and researched and I think I've figured out how to keep the odors away.

1) ALWAYS use HE detergents (they are low sudsing) and use as little as you can get by with. From what I hear, liquid HE detergents work better. That's all I've used so far.

2) Wash in warm or hot water. This seems to keep the inside of the machine cleaner. I do this anyway, because our clothes just don't come clean in cold water whether in a top loader or a front loader.

3)Run the "basket clean" cycle at least twice a month.

4)After your last load of the day, dry the rubber seal and leave the door cracked open.

5)Occasionally take off the little front panel in the lower corner and drain. Make sure nothing is clogged in it. It is made to catch small items that are left in pockets, etc. and it can start to smell if left too long.

6) Don't use liquid fabric softeners. They leave a "scum" on the inside of the washer that is hard to get off with so little water coming through. Just use dryer sheets if you need to.

I'm hoping that my washing machine will last for many years with a little preventative maintenance.


Traci said...

I have the top loading HE and did a lot of research on them as trial and errors might help others also.

For WHITES, use BIZ AND HE bleach....I didn't even know there was a BLEACH. I don't use regular HE soap when I do whites....I do this because they started turning they are white.

SEARS carries a POWDER in a HUGE bucket that you can get for around $20 on sale.

Several sites linked the SMELL to the animal fat in the LIQUID soap getting heated up in the washer. That is why I chose powder.

Yes, and ALWAYS leave the door open when not in use....once I started doing this...haven't had an odor.....

I do LOVE mine...I can do 5 loads a week and be done!!!

Thanks for the post!

50s Housewife said...

Traci, I didn't know there was such a thing as HE bleach! I'll have to look for it the next time I'm in the store. So far, I haven't had any trouble with my whites, but I've only had my washer about 2 weeks.

Heather said...

We left for vacation one summer and forgot to tell my husband the care of our front load washer - he didn't dry the gasket or leave the door open and we came home to a sour washer that has never been entirely remedied - even though Sears has been here twice to take it apart and clean it. Lesson learned!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are loving your new washer :) I don't have a front loader yet but hope to in the near future :) One thing to remember no matter what type of washer you have is to always ALWAYS use only a quarter of the amount of detergent the bottle tells you to use, no matter what type it is ( liquid, powder, HE or not). When my mil's washer went on her the service man told her that the transmission was dead from too much detergent. She informed him she only used the amount instructed on the bottle and he said "they tell you to use that much so that you run out and have to buy more, it's all a marketing scam. Meanwhile it is destroying the transmission on your machine and you then have to replace your machine" Needless to say, ever since then I have used the service man's recomendation of 1/4 of a cap full :)

Dawn said...

I am glad you are enjoying your washer!
I am enjoying mine as well that we bought in July. It's not HE or one of those fancy ones, just a regular top loading Whirlpool. :)
Thank you Leigh for the handy info! I will have to remember that when I do laundry next time. I always fill the soap to the first line, but now I will cut it way down. I need my washer to stay healthy for a long time. :-)


Traci said...

Yep, the HE bleach is like syrup consistency....

It took about a month to a month and 1/2 to start seeing the gray in my clothes.

Anonymous said...

When the one we have breaks we plan on buying one. Instead of dryer sheet or softner, use vinigar. Much easier on your clothes and it "eats" the soap scum that is in the rinse cycle.

Angela said...

Here in England,the majority of domestic machiens are front loaders - I have used them for 30 years. I agree with all the comments on care and use - ginger is right, use white vinegar instead of conditioner/softener.

When you go on holiday for a longer period, as well as leaving the door open, pop a small sachet of silica crystals inside [the sort you get in the parcel with mail order goods] PLUS A LARGE SIGN SAYING "MOVE THE CRYSTALS" so you don't forget them and run a wash on your return!!

happy washdays


Mrs. Homemaker said...

Awesome tips, thank you! I don't have a front loader yet, but I am tempted to run a load of bricks in my top loader so I can go get one! ;-) But I will file these away for future use, and send a copy to my Mother-in-Law, who has one. Happy Washing!

Anonymous said...

don't buy a front loader - mold mold mold, and too much maintenance. what's the point of having a more energy-efficient machine if you have to always use hot water to keep it from becoming moldy? doesn't seem too efficient to me....