Thursday, June 26, 2008

Homemade Pimiento Cheese

*Edit below*
Pimiento Cheese is a staple here in the South. I especially love to make it in the heating anything up. If you don't like pimiento cheese, you've never had it homemade. :) The store bought stuff isn't good at all.

Here's my recipe (adapted from Paula Deen's recipe):
4 oz cream cheese, softened
2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 cup mayonnaise (the real stuff, not Miracle Whip)
1/2 teaspoon or so of Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Salt
a little grated onion
a 2 oz. jar of pimientos, drained
freshly ground black pepper

I stir the cheeses together first, then add the rest of the ingredients. It's good on crackers and makes wonderful sandwiches. I usually have to make a double batch around here. Everyone loves it.


To make your own version of Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Salt (although it's not exactly the same), use:
1 cup salt
1/4 cup black pepper
1/4 cup garlic powder
Mix well and store in a shaker.


Momala said...

Living in the Midwest, I've never had pimento cheese. I've seen it on Paula Deen and I've always meant to try it. Could I substitute regular salt for Jane's salt?


Terri said...

That actually sounds delicious. The next time I need a cheese spread I think I'll try this one. Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jane's salt is more like a season salt. I do use Miracle Whip though. I don't like real mayo. I also put chopped, boiled eggs in mine and I don't use the cream cheese, so mine is pretty different I guess.

All things bright & beautiful... said...

Can you tell me what is actually in the mixed up salt so I can give it a go - we can't get that here.
Thanks - sounds delicious!

Dawn said...

Hmmm...never heard of this...sounds neat. Don't know if I will try it though. Not too much of a fan of mayo / Miracle Whip though. Can that stuff be really tasted or no?

Friday blessings,

Anonymous said...

I'm out of Jane's right now, but you can just doctor it up real good with garlic salt or season salt and black pepper. It would be fine. As for the mayo/miracle whip, you kind of need a little of it to make everything stick together. I didn't realize that pimento cheese was a southern thing. I thought everyone ate it! LOL

jamie in rose cottage said...

GASP! I've just read some of those other comments, and I can not fathom that there are parts of the world that have not experienced a pimiento cheese sandwich! Can you tell I'm from the south, too? And you are totally right-- if you don't like pimiento cheese, you haven't had homemade!

Your blog is lovely. This is my 1st visit, but I'll be back! Please come visit me sometime, too!

meg said...

Thank you for the recipe~ this brings back sweet memories of my granddaddy making his pimento spread & packing it in a crock *sigh*
I'll bet his namesake (my youngest son) would really like this version- I don't think he's ever had any :-O

Martha said...

oh are a GODSEND! It's a hot steamy summer here in nyc and my southern side has been hankerin' for some good ol' COOL pimento cheese sandwiches (the Jersey tomats aren't ready for mayo and bread yet)!

I never knew how to make it, although I knew people who did. The recipes I found online didn't sound like I'd end up with what I grew up with (kinda like eastern NC bbq vs western NC bbq vs texas vs Georgia vs ...)

I literaly was gonna call mamma Sunday and have her send me some Star's (TM)!

Sheree said...

Thankyou! I love pimento spread sandwiches but hate the store bought stuff. I don't think my younguns have ever had it though. Now I know what to fix for lunch tomorrow. I think I will make it and stick it in the fridge tonight since I have all the ingredients on hand!! Thankyou so much for sharing your recipe!

Anonymous said...

Can I tell you how addicted to this I am! I use reduced fat cream cheese and mayo and add some hot sauce but its fantastic!

Mrs. U said...

"If you don't like pimiento cheese, you've never had it homemade. :)"

I can attest to this!! I ADORE pimiento cheese but Mr. U does NOT like it at all. Or, at least, he didn't until he had the homemade version! He's hooked now!! But, sadly, now I have to share it with him. Hmmmm..


Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

I live in southern Indiana (On the Kentucky border) so we have a lot of southern food in our traditions, one of which is Pimento Cheese. You're right - the store-bought stuff is yucky. However, my recipe uses Velveeta instead of cream cheese! And it is DELICIOUS! I got it from a friend who lived in Cuttawa KY for many years, then moved back here.