Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No TV Week

TV Console, Retro
TV Console

My family is having a "TV fast" this week. It started this past Sunday and will last until next Sunday. We are only turning on the TV if we all sit down to watch a DVD together, but no other TV viewing. We are also limiting our computer time. I am getting all my computer work done during the day when the kids are at school except for checking email in the evenings to see if Peter (2nd son) has emailed (he sometimes emails from Iraq and we can get an email "conversation" going).

This was actually Mike's idea which was a big surprise to me. We've done this before but he was never happy about it. He loves his sports and news (with a little NCIS thrown in) so I was shocked when he suggested no TV for a week.

So far, the kids haven't complained at all. They have played lots of games, (Phase 10 is the current favorite), played basketball in the driveway with the neighbor kids, and even finished homework on time. :) Last night I got a free Redbox rental and we all watched Kung Fu Panda together. It was the first time the TV has been on since Saturday so it was a big treat and we popped popcorn and made a party out of it.

It's been good for all of us to have the TV off. Mike hasn't been retreating to our bedroom to watch sports after supper and the kids have been playing together more. I've had a more peaceful state of mind with no frantic newscasters telling me how terrible things are. I also think it's good for us to be away from all the commercials telling us about the latest things that we must buy so that our lives are not useless and miserable. :)

Do you watch TV at your house? If you watch TV, do you set any limits on what your kids can watch and for how long?


Anonymous said...

How can you pick this week to not watch TV? Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Idol, .... What would happen here is we would DVR everything and watch a marathon of shows the day after "no tv week" was over. LOL

Moxie said...

What a great idea! We don't watch too much around here. There just isn't that much on that we like. We do like to rent a family friendly movie on Fridays, make pizza and spend that night together as a family. Our kids don't have much time for it either during school....mornings are too rushed (we'd all rather sleep in more than watch TV)then after school is busy w/homework and dinner and whatever else needs doing. We do catch American Idol each week if we can but that's the only thing we seem to catch with any regularity. I try not to catch too much news as I feel it's just a festival of doom....rarely are any "good" stoires given any air time :( In the summer down times we do try to set limits to make sure our kids get outside more!

klutzymama said...

We don't have TV at our house anymore. We get one grainy channel which we use to watch the news on occasion. We've been staying with my parents (husband is laid off), so we've been watching TV again and I can honestly say now that I miss the peace and quiet. I do have a few shows that I like to watch, but the time you gain with your family is worth missing a few shows...well, except for Lost - I'd still go to someone's house to watch it if I had to! :-) A girl has her limits afterall! Ha ha!

Anne said...

In my home, we have one tv. We only use it for movies; no rabbit ears or cable. I do believe that tv can be such a waste of time and money!). I know that our home is much more peaceful without it.
I do have one or two shows I like to watch, which are available online. No commercials!
Every Sunday we keep the internet off for the whole day. It's wonderful, because it "forces" us to find other things to do, and spend quality time with each other.
I think it's great that you are doing a tv fast- you may find that you want to keep it that way!

Terri said...

We have no t.v. here. I mean we have the tv and a dvd/vcr player, but get absolutely no stations. We turned it off about 5 years ago and it was the best decision we ever made!

Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home said...

We have had our TV off for over a year. We haven't missed it much at all. We still watch our DVD and old movies. We also watch the really old Disney cartoons on You Tube.

I got tired of paying to be "slimed"! We would finally find a decent show to watch and then the commercials were terrible! I just got so fed up with it, that we turned it off.

Joanna Eberhart said...

First off, I LOVE the vintage TV photo at the beginning of the entry...

Walter and I (we don't have children) watch a decent amount of TV. That is to say, I watch a couple of shows on Mondays, and Walter has a few shows on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We tend to watch TV together, or at least stay in the same room together and chat during commercials...perhaps if we had children it would be different.

I do avoid the news like the plague, though. I believe that the world is inherently good--the news seems to believe the opposite!

Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

We watch PBS Sprout, I don't like 100% of the shows but it's the best for little children. I watch mostly TLC and the Food Network, however once it's warm enough to play outside (which is late May here) we switch to the cable that just lets us have the major networks for the summer.

The Lind Family said...

What a terrific idea! Think I'm going to give it a try. Time to pull out the board games!

spinninglovelydays said...

What a great idea! We have just one TV (which was a wedding gift; I hadn't really wanted to get one) and although we watch it sparingly, I'd really like for us to be more unplugged (computer-wise too). I think I'll give this a try soon.:) Have fun with the rest of No-TV Week!

Tracey said...

Great Idea... I love this. We are trying to limit our time as well and trying to play more together.. but it's just my husband and I..our daughter is the only one left at home and she is involved in her senior year and working.. kudos to you and your family!

Andrea said...

We have no TV from Mon to Friday. All's Fair on Saturday's and the TV is off again on Sunday and we watch a movie together on Sunday Night!
LOVE IT!!!!!


momstheword said...

Wow, how good is my memory, lol! When the kids were little they were allowed to watch an hour of t.v. a day, I think. It started with a half hour but went to an hour as some shows (like Little House) were an hour.

The t.v. was to be off at 4:00 p.m., which meant that my hubby and I watched no t.v. until the kids were in bed. It gave us lots of family time though.

When our oldest was about eight years old we allowed 30 minutes of internet every other day. It was a filtered internet and he was only allowed to go on certain kid sites.

As he got older he was allowed to go on every day but we set a time limit.

Now they are 15 and 20. The 20 year old has no time limits. He usually watches a t.v program with his dad sometimes and most of his computer time is spent doing schoolwork.

The 15 year old doesn't watch much t.v. and if he does, it's almost always sports (unless he watches something with his dad). He does like to play on the computer though and we were just discussing putting a time limit on it, but haven't set it yet.

We always wanted to limit their times so that as they grew older, they would learn to discipline themselves, you know?

Anonymous said...

Ok, am I the only one who will admit that we like to watch TV? LOL

tonia said...

we don't get tv reception at our house so we've been tv-free for several years. we do have a tv (one)for watching movies and Lost - which we watch online. i can't think of anything that would make me bring tv/cable into the house. it's a wonderful life without it and there are so many movie options now...even tv shows on dvd if you really want to see what is going on. we even catch up on american idol (watching just the performances and none of the commercials and filler) online.

even in a house full of sports-loving boys, we live without tv reception. they listen on the radio to big sporting events or we go to someone's house to watch together.

whenever we choose to watch a movie it is an event - with dessert and everyone cosying up together in the family room, not a mindless ongoing droning in the background like the tv of my childhood. :)

i am a big believer in keeping tv's out of bedrooms. even for my husband and i it is important that 1) we get enough sleep and that 2) the time we are together in our room is spent communicating (in lots of ways! *smile*) and reading/learning. life is too short to fritter it away on the television.

well...i'm so sorry! i have written a post here in your inbox! sorry about that. i love your darling blog!