Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hope you are all having a great weekend! Here's a little Saturday randomness for you. :)

I made Heavenly Homemaker's whole wheat sourdough biscuits for breakfast this morning. The recipe is here. They are so good with a little honey. Yum! I made them in heart shapes by using a cookie cutter instead of my usual biscuit cutter. I'm trying to make more of our baked goods with whole wheat flour. Most often I make things half whole wheat and half white.

The James Challenge
is coming along well. I have James 1:1-4 down and I've been saying it to everyone who will stand still to listen (and some who won't). I'm hoping by this time next week to have verses 1-11 all memorized. I think it helps to set small goals so I don't get overwhelmed with how far I still have to go. I guess it's sort of like if I needed to lose 100 pounds, I would have to focus on one pound at a time.

Do any of you grind your own wheat? What type of wheat grinder do you use? Have you any experience with one like this that attaches to your Kitchenaid mixer?

Interesting reading:
Stay at home missionary's series on redeeming the time with our kids
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Grace Livingston Hill (great books you can read online)
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Erin said...

I don't have any experience with a wheat grinder BUT MY HUSBAND JUST SURPRISED ME WITH MY DREAM KITCHENAID STAND MIXER YESTERDAY! (I was so excited that I took a picture of the box and put it on my blog) and the next thing on my dream list is a wheat grinder. The girls at Everyday Food Storage swear by a brand they all use, but I did see that kitchenaid has an attachment, so I'll be seriously investigating that one rather than getting yet another piece of equipment.

Marisa Le'rin Salas said...

Those biscuits look soooo yummy!

Tracey said...

Funny how your going through the book of James. I really is one of my favorites as it speaks to the Christian heart and life. I think the way your working on it is great.. kind a like how to you eat an elephant.. one bite at a time. Good luck,, I think I just might join you.

Kathy Butryn said...

Good for are inspiring me to memorize. How life-changing it can be.
Thanks for sharing the articles and the recipe.
Have a great weekend,

Kay said...

I'd sit and listen to you recite James if I could. James is a great book to read and meditate on.

I have a "Whisper Mill" for my wheat. Not sure if it's still available but you could find a good one from,

(If you scroll down you'll see the mill I have and a note about the current models.)
NAYY, just a very satisfied customer. Didn't get my mill from them but I get bread bags, yeast, sea salt and I drool over their other wonderful kitchen items.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Ooo...I liked this post: a recipe, links to more good stuff, all-around goodness! ;) Thanks, 50s Housewife. :)

The Southern Housewife said...

Hey Mrs. Awesome Breadmaker!! Cutting them with heart shaped cookie cutters!!! I never even thought of that! Look how adorable they came out! Love em- totally stealing your idea! ;)

I do have one bread making question for you since you seem to know it all.... why are my yeast rolls coming out so sticky? I'm cooking them a couple minutes longer than the recipe calls for and they are still so squishy inside- so much so that they were sticking to my teeth! Yikes! What am I doing wrong?

Gretchen said...

I read a lot of reviews from Tammy's Recipe site. I just searched her site. I also have a kitchenaid and am thinking about getting the grain attachment. The most comment I have heard is that it isn't for heavy duty grinding. If you only want to grind a few cups at a time then it will work. It also could be a little messy because you are grinding it just into an open container. My friend has a Nutrimill and I have seen her use it and it was awesome. It is quick and not messy and can do a lot of flour at once. If you do get a mill, please let us know which one and how you like it because I am trying to decide which one to get as well.

Cherish said...

I grind my own wheat... as well as corn, rye, and beans. I have an ancient Magic Mill.