Friday, October 17, 2008

Links of Interest

Thought I would share some interesting things I've come across while surfing the internet this week.

Do you know what's for dinner tonight? I usually plan my menus a week at a time, but sometimes I need a little inspiration in planning. I love Martha Stewart's magazine Everyday Food and I saw in the October issue that they have a blog called Dinner Tonight. It's updated everyday at noon. I bookmarked it so I can go back often.

Have you ever wondered how we as Christians should respond to the issue of homosexual marriage? I found an excellent article titled Gender Identity, The Homosexual Agenda and The Christian Response

Just for fun take this quiz to see which presidential candidate you agree with.

Dr. Laura comments on women being dumb about beauty and fashion.

The Tasha Tudor online store. There are so many pretty things here. I love the greeting cards.


Shannon said...

I just love Dr. Laura, though sometimes I cringe when she gets impatient with a caller!

Mrs. Jacqueline said...

Thank you for the link to Martha Stewart's recipie page :) I found a carmelized apple tart that looks delish! Mmmm...

Christy said...

Don't you just LOVE the Tasha Tudor store?!?! I wish I could buy everything in it!!! Thanks for the other links...especially the Martha Stewart one!!!

Domestic Fashionista said...

The presidential quiz was great. It was interesting to pick quotes without knowing who said them.

50s Housewife said...

Shannon, it's funny, but I never listen to Dr. Laura I just read her blog. I always think I'll turn on the radio and listen and I never do.

Mrs. Jacqueline, I'm glad you liked it. :)

Christy, yes I do love the Tasha Tudor store. My mom has corgis and I wanted to get her the corgi cookie cutter but it was way too expensive.

Domestic Fashionista, I know, I thought it was really interesting too.