Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Dinner

This is such a cute 10 minute movie from the 50s about the importance of the family dinner. It includes such tips as "don't monopolize the conversation", and "don't discuss unpleasant topics". Still true today! :)


klutzymama said...

Funny that you should post this. I've been in a "50's frame of mind" all week and was just thinking today how I wish the times now were more like they were then.

klutzymama said...

I guess I should clarify...when I say "I wish the times now were more like they were then.", I mean as in, more focus on family values, not the other things from the 50's like racism...sorry!

the voice of melody said...

I agree with klutzymama's comment.

Back in those days, there was such a focus on the family and home and church. Plus, I like how the women dressed, so feminine!

Many sweet blessings!

50s Housewife said...

Klutzymama, I knew what you meant. :)

Voice of Melody, thank you for stopping by!

Jenny S said...

I like what Voice of Melody say's in her comment.

Think we do need more focus on family.

Love the video.

Mrs. Homemaker said...

Too cute!

I was raised that you eat together as a family. Pray before eating, be polite, don't reach across the table. Table manners in some homes don't seem to exist unless they are in public eye. Dinner was a time to be together and talk with each other.

My husband was raised the same way, and we are trying to teach our boys the same values of families. In no other time of our society has the family been more important.

Metherer said...

Hi there.

I stumbled across your blog yesterday, and have read straight through from its beginnings.

Really enjoyed this video clip - may have to show it to my husband!

Thanks for sharing part of your busy life with us,