Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bible Stories

I've been helping my mom get some things sorted for her move and today she gave me a Bible story book. It used to belong to my aunt, my mother's younger sister. It's so cute! It has readings for 52 Sundays with three stories for each Sunday; morning, noon and evening. It was published in 1957.

Here is a quote about the author, Charlotte Yonge, a Victorian era author, from the preface:
There was then less distinction between books for the young and those for adults. this appeal to a wider age range was probably due to the habit of families reading out loud. Miss Yonge, therefore, had devoted readers in all categories, and among her adult admirers were some very impressive personages, such as: William Morris, Burne-Jones, Rossetti, Tennyson, and Lewis Carroll. Some of Miss Yonge's best-known works are The Heir of Redclyffe, The Trail and The Daisy Chain.

Clicking the names of the titles will take you to copies of these books that you can read online.

I think I'll go ahead and start reading these stories to the kids every Sunday. They still love when I read out loud and I enjoy it too.


Sue said...

That sounds wonderful. I love old books! They are even more special when handed down, aren't they?

Jenny S said...

How neat! It will make a great memory for your children by reading it to them each Sunday.

One Christian Mom said...

I love that idea. I also love old books! I wonder if this one can be read on the net?

Homespun Simplicity said...

I really like your blog...it's easy to see that you put a lot of effort and thought into it. And, I have picked you for an award...it is waiting for you at my blog! :-)


~~Deby said...

What a neat treasure...I love when things like that happen.

Sandy said...

I have a very similar book, reminds me of my childhood! :)

Redeemed By His Love said...

What a treasure! I love old books.
Enjoy reading them. :)

Redeemed By His Love said...

Thank you for visiting me!