Friday, January 11, 2008

Today's CVS Bargains

I hate to even show you what I bought at CVS today because it's a bunch of junk food. :) We really don't drink as many cokes as it seems like we do. Well, being honest here, I do drink plenty of Diet Cokes but my husband and kids don't drink many cokes. (For those of you not in the South, we use "cokes" to refer to any carbonated beverage regardless of brand...maybe I should do a post on southern vocabulary) Bobby is having several friends over to spend the night so he requested some of this. It just so happened that I was able to get a good deal on it.

We are using our last bottle of shampoo and have only 1 extra bottle of conditioner, so I wanted to be sure to get the Garnier. I also needed the bar soap. I'm doing OK on Body Wash for now, but Mike likes bar soap and we only had about 1 or 2 showers worth left. The cookies were on sale for $1 and I had a $1 off coupon so they were free.

I got the Pepsi products first. If you buy $20 of Pepsi products you get $10 in ECBs. I used a $4 off $20 coupon and my $7 in ECBs and paid a little over $9. I bought the soap, shampoo, conditioner, cookies and candy in a 2nd transaction. I used a $2 off $10 coupon and my $10 in ECBs. It was a negative balance and the cashier acted like she couldn't adjust the coupon down, so I just added in a couple more candy bars. I think I paid 28 cents.

I only have $3 in ECBs for next time. I thought I was supposed to get $2 in ECBs for each of the Garnier products and $1 for the candy, but I didn't look at my receipt until I got home. I'll have to get it out and look at it again to see what happened. I was planning to get Sambucol and Soyjoys, but my store was out of both and I had to change plans midstream. I guess it's not too bad to get all this for less than $10.


All things bright & beautiful... said...

Wow you lucky girl! I am always so impressed by my US friend's bargains. We have coupons, of course, in England but often you can not use them if an item is already on special offer. We never have double coupon deals either. It is so hard to stretch the pound no matter how frugal you try to be and gosh I try really hard - lol!!
Well done!

Monica said...

Great deals!, and as for Southern slang, we grew up calling our carbonated drinks "pop":)

Lisa Knight said...

Great job! It's all pop up here!!!

50shousewife said...

Lisa, thank you!

Monica, how funny! The only person I ever met who called it pop was from Indiana. Have you ever read the GRITS (girls raised in the south) Guide to Life? It's really cute. She has a GRITS glossary in it.

Lynn, I often wonder how you British ladies are able to get by. It seems like everything is so expensive there!