Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Home Management Notebook - Part II

Notebook Sections

1)Calendar: In this section are pages for annual reminders such as birthdays, anniversaries, or anything else that occurs on an annual basis and monthly calendars. This section is also where I keep my cleaning list. It's helpful for me to keep a list of what to clean on what day and what should be done in each room.

Right now my weekly schedule is as follows:
Monday: Master bedroom and bathroom
Tuesday: Girls' room and entryway/front porch
Wednesday: Kitchen, hall bathroom
Thursday: Bobby's room, family room
Friday: Living room, guest room, laundry room
I keep a list of what needs to be done every week and what needs to be done monthly. I try to do at least one "monthly" task in each room every week so that they never build up. This doesn't always happen though.

On weeks that I know are going to be extra busy I will condense everything so that I do all "wet" chores one day (such as mopping, bathrooms, etc), and all "dry" chores on a second day (vacuuming, dusting). No monthly chores get done on these weeks. Sheets are washed on Mondays and laundry is done every day except Sunday. Grocery shopping is usually done on Friday. On grocery shopping day I make homemade pizza or something else quick and easy.

2)Contacts: The first page is for emergency numbers so it's easy to find. There are also pages for neighbors, friends, family, and a "family yellow pages". Any time I look up a number for a plumber, mechanic, the electric company, or anything of that sort I write it down here.

3)Kids: I keep school schedules, activities, car pool info, chore lists, and school project information here. There are also empty page protectors and pockets for things they bring home from school that I need to keep. Right now I have a list of science fair project ideas in one of these pockets.

4) The Good Life: Here I have my Bible reading plan, lists of favorite places to eat out (and what days kids eat free), fun ideas for things to do or see, movies to see and books to read. There's also a pockets for take-out menus and coupons. We rarely eat out, but when we do I want to make sure we get the most bang for our buck.

5) House and Car: This sections contains lists of household and car repairs, homeowners and auto insurance information, painting log, household items bought (like my vacuum cleaner) and warranty info. There is also a page for passwords and user names for websites (I never can remember which password I use for what).

6) Health care: Here we keep names and numbers of our doctors, health insurance info, medications, health history and shot records. It's also a good idea to have names and numbers of your parents doctors and vet numbers if you have pets.

7) Financial: In this section I have our monthly budget planner (FINALLY have a written budget) and bill tracker. There are also pages for life insurance, mortgage lender, and bank account numbers and contact info with pages to store business cards.

Tomorrow I'll go over my recipe/menu planning notebook.


Kelley said...

I am sure many of us resolved to be more organized in 2008. Way to go with your home management notebook! It's fun to see what's going on with others cooking and managing their homes.
Have a great day!

All things bright & beautiful... said...

Thank you so much for sharing your Home Management Notebook - I love seeing how others organise their homes.

Kellie said...

Thank you for sharing this. I realize that this is an older post but I stumbled across it on Google. I am a new mom and am staying at home. Since my child was born, I have been completely disorganized and overwhelmed by simple housework. After reading this post, I am now inspired to create my own notebook! Thank you!

bella said...

I know I am super late in commenting but this helps me tons. I recently got married, and me and hubby decided that I want to be a homemaker. But I had no clue about how to manage things. I seem to read your blog around 10 times a day - trying to go to old posts just to see how to go about managing a home. Hubby is super patient and so though I am not the best homemaker out there (though i am trying really hard) he is very encouraging. But its your blog thats helping me out the most! Whether its recipes, laundry or budgeting I am constantly looking towards you for guidance. (I lived with my parents before I got married I am 21, till now I didnt even know how things were done) Now here in a new place with a new marriage its a task trying to learn so much. At times I am so over whelmed, I just get blank. But since I stumbled upon your blog, you have helped me out immensely. Thanks a ton, I dont know how I can thank you enough! You should re-christen your blog name to perfecthousewife or guidinghousewife!
You will see a lot of my comments from now on. Thanks a ton, I owe you a lot.....