Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Home Management Notebook - Part I

I started using a home management notebook a few years ago. I had tried using a business type planner, but it didn't have the right categories and didn't really work for me. My first notebook was just a plain 3 ring binder that my husband had been using for work and no longer needed. I filled it with these free printable forms and added a few of my own. I slid them into sheet protectors and added dividers. It took a while for me to get the hang of using it, but now I couldn't manage without it.

My mother got me a Family Facts Family Life Organizer & Planner (3-year Calendar) for Christmas this year (that I had already picked out). Now I use two. My original notebook has become my recipe/menu planning/coupon notebook along with a Christmas section. It's full of recipes and I also have menu plans and shopping lists. When time is tight or I just don't feel like planning a menu, I can pull out one of these menus along with the list and head to the store.

My 2nd and newest notebook has everything else in it from school calendars to budgets to phone numbers. I'll post more details in Part II tomorrow.

Here are pictures of my two notebooks.

And the shelf where I keep them.

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Sue said...

Oh, I love seeing peoples home management binders and plan to go from here to your link about being a Keeper At Home. I plan on printing it to put in my binder too. Your cupboard with your binders neatly tucked away looks really pretty and handy.