Monday, January 28, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven Monday

Once again it's Making Your Home a Haven Monday hosted by Crystal at Biblical Womanhood. I LOVE her weekly challenges. They always help me start my week on the right foot. I also love to read about everyone else's Monday. This post will be updated as I finish the things on my list. I'll also add pictures as I go along.

1) Refresh Your Spirit
This morning I have been reading in the Old Testament. I did an Old Testament Bible study a few years ago and I was just amazed at everything I learned. I had never really spent a lot of time in the Old Testament other than Genesis, Proverbs, and Psalms.

2) Tackle your Morning Routine
Morning routine is done, yes even the exercise. :)

3) Take Time to Plan
1. Clean Master bathroom - done
2. Get caught up on laundry - still working on this one
3. Wash sheets - done
4. Check sales and plan menu
5. Clean master bedroom - dusted and vacuumed, but didn't get any of the monthly chores done.
6. Clean out fridge - done
My mom brought my grandmother to town for a doctor's appointment today and they called and asked me to lunch. I enjoyed it so much but of course, it threw my "to do list" off for the day. That's OK, I can catch up later.

4) What's For Dinner?
Tuna casserole, rolls and fruit

5) Do Something!
Crystal suggested working in the kitchen today. Mondays are master bed and bath days, but I decided to add cleaning out the fridge to my list. I'm tweaking my weekly schedule to change my grocery shopping day to Tuesday, so today was a perfect time to get the fridge cleaned out.

I also cleaned the outside of the fridge!

Bonus Project: If you have extra time, I encourage you to cook or bake something special for your family today!

I made these easy drop cookies. Mike and the kids love them. I'll share the recipe later.

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Lylah said...

just wanted to say i love what you've done with your blog. LOVE the frenchy background and those drop cookies look pretty yummy!